Adolescence, a transitional stage of physical and mental human development that occurs between childhood and adulthood. Pubertal, social and psychological changes take place at this stage, and often teenagers stray towards a rebellious side of their own, mainly influenced by their growing-up environment.

With emotionally-weak hearts and cat-curiousity mindsets, this point in time would be the most challenging amongst the other stages in life as compared. Where all obstacles come crashing down making one feels as though their lives are at the brink with no point of return, attacking and empowering the challenges would strengthen their experiences to mature.

In a globalised society today, teenagers are now opened up to many distractions that can ruin their futures. Parents are mostly too busy with personal careers and down with stress, often neglecting the growing-ups in the house. Faced ignorance, and hence stray away therefore resulting in association of bad companies.

Today without a strong base of education, we can never succeed and survive in the tough tornado-howling society that draws a line between the educated and the not. Where studying starts at a young age of 5, through time one graduate from one stage to the other. Without paper qualifications, there is no other easy way out we can stand strong.

In the beginning, children get results that deserve praises from the adults. As their life ticks away with the clock into a growing up teen, studying seem to be a bore where many quitted school or ended up in the worst stage of society hierarchy. Why do teens even complain that they are faced in a situation of boredom?

As compared to adults who work their days and nights out like a cow just to sustain the family, there is no plain black-white reason for us to rant. Instead of wasting our lives away on things that brings no gain, why not spend our precious time doing meaningful things that builds up our knowledge?

Currently, our only worry and task is to study and get into a good college stepping out of this stage and enter the society with a certificate. When teenagers lose interest in school, the Ministry of Education should support the idea of making classes and lectures much more interesting to gain their attention. Travelling tires one; schools should be built in more estates to lessen the time taken to move from one place to another.

Doing things out of passion and not being forced is what we should feel. Subjects courses should vary to those whom are talented in different aspects, instead of being tied down at a particular choice which they do not have the heart to put effort in.

Definitely, we should play our part to make this Earth a better revolution in giving and taking what that benefits us. Privileges can be given, provided that we do not take advantages.